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If you've found this community before this post is deleted, welcome! But you have found this blog a little early! We're aiming for an early March launch, if not earlier.

When this blog gets properly started, it will be a place to discuss any and all Hedwigs as well as a place to post photos, links to Hewig related media, and all sorts of things along that line. Despite being more popular than ever with the recent Broadway run at the Belasco, the current touring production finding more and more Hedheads who can call this show home, and new international productions being licensed all the time; there's not really a cohesive place for Hedwig fandom the way there has been in years past. We would like to change that.

If you're interested in subscribing to this or adding us as a friend, please do! And if you have any suggestions for how to make this community "the best you've ever seen", please feel free to pass them on here or on Tumblr at turnonthe8-track.

Under the cut is my To-Do list for this blog that will be added to in the coming pre-launch month
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